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From the very young kids to the matured children, Parry Hotter’s show is for everyone! Even the adults has came up to him and gave him a pat on the shoulder for his resounding performance. Watch the videos below and you will know that you have found the right magician for your kids!

(Note: Please do not show the children the videos as it will kill the element of surprise. Thank you!)

Magic show for 3 to 6 years old children

This magic show was performed for the children at Cherie Hearts Childcare Centre. The kids were very engaged and we had lots of fun that day =)

Magic show for a 11 year old boy

This was a magic show performed for a 11 year old birthday boy. From this video, the boys were all very engaged and it was a super interactive show!

 (Note: Singlish was used heavily here as the boys would seem to respond well to such language. For most shows, proper English will be used.)