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Birthday Party

on October 4, 2013

Since 2000, Jason has been a well-known and accomplished magician and birthday party entertainer. His interactive performance will infuse children and adults with enthusiasm.

They say children complete a marriage. It may either be true or not but for sure they bring a kind of innocence with their presence. Almost everybody love kids and they are mostly adorable. Once a kid comes in a family, the parents have all kinds of plans for them. They adore them as they were and would have loved to be adored. The most important things one keeps in mind are their birthdays. Many love birthdays and to celebrate them is a must for most people especially kids. Birthdays may either be a surprise or a planned one. Whatever I may be enjoy your kid’s birthday party by calling Jason Tan to perform some magical shows and make your kids happy like then were never before.

Birthday Party by Jason Tan MagicJason is a well-known and accomplished magician and entertainer since 2000 and he has been performing with the aim of entertaining and education children with his shows. He does not only perform entertaining shows but they are also educating and he performs it at other events too. Jason has performed at various schools; Singapore Discovery Centre, ITE West college, The Singapore Educational Fair, and so forth and at Media Corp Lunch with Ollie. His performances have stunned students and elders alike.

He leaves everyone and his popularity is featured in a Singapore’s local magazine, for his interesting performances in Magic shows and also in Vibe magazine, 2012. His shows are not only interesting but are also affordable. The following are the shows he does for half an hour, charging $300.

  • Live Bird performance( which kids can touch)
  • Teaches Science magic trick.
  • In case a birthday, birthday kid gets to perform in the performance.
  • A magic puppet show
  • Birthday child gets a special sculpted balloon.

He also performs Interactive Magic shows for $600 which includes the following:

  • Learn the science behind magic
  • Do wacky science tricks and experiments
  • He uses daily household items so you can also do it on your own anytime
  • His tricks are suitable for school teachers, school assemble talks, birthday parties, company events and so forth

Apart from these tricks he also performs Magic Workshops and Close up magic for an hour for which one can contact him to learn of the charges.

Amongst his entertaining shows includes:

  • Advanced balloon sculpting
  • Face paintings
  • Caricatures
  • Photography services
  • Air brush tattoos
  • Henna
  • 30 min games for children
  • Roving stick juggling( rare in Singapore)
  • Music and DJ with equipment
  • Character balloon decorative and so forth.

To learn more about his services and the charges on can visit his page and contact him further. Thus, Jason Tan is one of the best in Singapore and his balloon sculpting especially is unbeatable. He just is amazing to be fair to him.

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